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Krishnan Family Portraits - Manhattan Beach Pier & Manhattan Beach Creamery, Manhattan Beach, CA

Heather, Dave, their young son Aiden, and I had a wonderful family portrait photoshoot at the Manhattan Beach Pier and the Manhattan Beach Creamery. The Krishnans a wonderful family and we had a fantastic morning capturing their family portrait photos and shooting all over Manhattan Beach. 

Aiden had a blast running around with his mom and dad all over and under the pier and onto the sand and the shoreline, and he was a very professional young model and he took great photos! After we finished taking pictures on top of the pier, we went under the pier to recreate a photo that Heather and Dave had taken when Aiden was a year old. We waited for beachgoers to clear out from under the pier and we captured some beautiful portraits of the family with the pillars of the pier and the ocean in the background. We were all ecstatic with how the images turned out!

We then headed over to the Manhattan Beach Creamery. Aiden had been looking forward to this for most of the photoshoot, and he was very excited to be inside the Creamery. We thought it would be really fun to have portraits of Aiden enjoying an ice cream and Aiden did not disappoint. With ice cream in hand, he had an absolute blast and the photos really show it! After the ice cream melted, Heather and Dave cleaned up Aiden and then decided to take the "sweets" photoshoot to the next level by heading over to Beckers and grabbing a pink donut. Aiden was just as excited as with the Ice cream and was game to take as many photos as we wanted if it meant he would get to have a huge amount of sweets!

The family portrait photoshoot with the Krishnans was an amazing way to spend a beatuful Manhattan Beach day. Aiden, Heather, and Dave were fantastic and it was so easy to see the love they have for each other and I am very thankful I was able to capture their family love and their personalities in these portraits. I very much looking forward to meeting up with the Krishnans again!

-Daniel Doty Photography