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Abby & Jeff's Wedding - Tucolota Vineyard, Temecula, CA

It was an absolute pleasure capturing our 1st Temecula Wine Country wedding and we couldn't be happier that it was with Abby & Jeff! Abby and Jeff are family friends and Abby's kids are the same age as Rebecca's brothers and grew up together. It was an honor to be able to capture their special day, what made it even more special is that their wedding day was on their 10 year anniversary together. 

The venue they chose was spectacular, it was deep in Temecula Wine Country and we felt completely secluded, away from the busy Southern California hustle and bustle with just quiet vineyards around us, a house with a fenced in area for their reception and a ceremony space overlooking a small lake with a wooden boat and oars gently swaying on the bank. 

The weater was perfect, the week before it had rained and the weekend after, it was grey and gloomy, but their weekend was birght, sunny, warm and the sunset was beautiful. Abby & Jeff wanted to do a first look before their wedding so we were able to capture the exact moment they saw each other before anyone else arrived. The first look went perfectly and their reactoins to seeing each other were so heartwaring and made us so happy to be a part of. After the frist look we rounded up all the family and took all of the portraits of Abby and Jeff's family, friends and wedding party. 

Their reception was filled with spectacular food, live music, and ended with Jeff, Abby and all of their guests dancing under the moon and star light as they partied their first night, as husband and wife, away.