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Amanda & David's Baby Shower - Redondo Beach, CA

I had the wonderful pleasure of being invited to Amanda and David's Baby Shower as a guest. I had worked with Amanda for about a year before she went on leave and I was incredibly honored to be asked to attend the event. 

It was a fantastic party filled with great food, (seriously, it was fantastic), lovely friends and family, and a full table of home made cupcakes. The flavor's were insane! She had Funfetti flavored, Fruity Pebbles flavored, chocolate, vanilla, and even a banana rum flavor! Every detail of the party was meticulously planned out, even the ice cubes that went into the punch were heart shaped and had orange slices frozen in them. 

However, there was something that trumped all the cupcakes, the food, the games, and all the personal touches. I was honestly very humbled by how every family member and friend of Amanda and David treated and welcomed me.

After talking to almost everyone there, I had a quiet moment to myself on a bench next to the orange ice cubes, as they slowly melted and clinked together. I sat back and just simply watched everyone at the party. I began to notice, see, and feel this calm, quiet, unspoken atmosphere of love and support for Amanda, David and Phineas from everyone there. It made me so happy to see all three of them surrounded by love and support. 

I am ecstatic that Amanda and David now have a new healthy beautiful daughter and Phin has a new baby sister. They deserve all the happiness in the world and I am incredibly thankful to have been given a glimpse into their loving family.