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Bossa Performance - Solidarity Santa Monica

I had the wonderful pleasure to be invited to Bonnie Lavallo (of Breath of Life Studios) and Savi Labensart's performance at Solidarity in Santa Monica a Thursday evening in April. Together, they make up the wonderful duo Bossa. The Solidarity space was amazing. To get to the space, you make your way down a small walkway with a beautiful red brick building on your left and green plants on your right. After you push open the door at the end of the walkway, you are presented with a secluded lounge. There is a bar, a few tables, comfortable cushioned couches and a large tree with a canopy enveloping the space. The canopy, the twinkle lights, and deep red wood surrounding you, immediately makes you forget the busy streets of Santa Monica you just came from. 

Bossa performed a multitude of songs equipped with only their extremely talented voices and a ukulele. Their range of performance pieces were astounding. They played classics all the way up to Justin Bieber's "Love Yourself", which even the crowd joined in on. After hours of singing and songs, they ended the night bringing up a local musician and producer, Zachary Provost, to sing a song and became Za-Bossa.

The drinks and food were delicious. The entire atmosphere was akin to a speak easy of the 1920s. Bossa being at Solidarity that night took that atmosphere into the realm of timelessness. I forgot where I was, what I was doing before, and any plans I had after my time spent at Solidarity. I was simply able to nurture a glass of red wine, relax into my chair, escape from my thoughts and listen to Bossa beautifully sing the night away.

I am ecstatic that Bossa will be at Solidarity every 2nd Thursday of each month and I will be anxiously waiting to be taken away again.