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What To Wear For Your Engagement Session



1. Stick to what makes you feel YOU

The more comfortable you are with the style of outfit, the more comfortable and less awkward you’ll feel when posing in front of the camera!

Stick to your “style” and what makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

2. Compliment, but don’t match

Stay away from matching your partner’s outfit and wearing patterns that are too busy. Keep colors of outfits solid. Complementing each others' outfits works out best for portraits.

Also, pay attention to the color scheme. If you want to wear a nice blue dress, adding the same blue hue in one of your fiance's accessories is a great way to compliment the color scheme and your partner’s outfit, instead of matching it.

3. Wear Pastels, Cool Colors, and Neutral Tones

Shy away from strong colors like neon and orange. Pastels, cool colors and neutral tones will help your faces and the love you have for each other be the focal point of the portraits. Additionally, unless it is a soft pastel version, you want to also avoid strong and bold reds, greens, and blues as these colors often overpower your face and the pose.

4. Add an Accessory

Adding at least one accessory to your outfit can look really gorgeous in your portraits and add another dimension to the story of your engagement shoot. Guys look very dapper with a leather band wristwatch. Necklaces and bracelets with a story attached to them make great accessories as well!

5. Stick with One or Two Outfits

It’s important to prevent the engagement session from turning into a fashion session. Changing into too many outfits can take away from the time planned for photography. Having too many outfits can make you feel rushed and stressed to jump into all the different outfits. You want variety in your poses and your images from a few outfits, not a few images and poses for a variety of different outfits.

With only one or two outfits, you can focus on the session and you'll be much more relaxed and your images will be that much better.

6. Go Classic, Not Trendy

Choose outfits that will be timeless! The last thing you want to do is look back at an engagement session years from now and be upset that you’re wearing something that is no longer in style. Go with a classic outfit that you are comfortable in that will never go out of style!

If you want to show off your personality with your outfit, having personal and trendy accessories is the way to go! Let your accessories do the talking about who you are as a person, they’ll invite people who see your beautiful portraits to ask you about them, allowing you to share the story behind them and express your individuality, creativity and who you are as a person.

7. Make Use Of The Seasons

Not sure what to wear for a winter or fall session? Don’t be afraid to bundle up in style!

Stylish winter and fall clothes and accessories can look amazing for your engagement session in the cold weather.

8. More Wardrobe Tips

If you or your fiancé wear glasses, that’s awesome! Please do not feel like you need to have photos without your glasses.

However, if your glasses have transitions lenses you may want to swap them out for glasses that are 100% clear!

During the engagement shoot, the lighting will be constantly changing, and your transition lenses will try their best to adapt to that. While I believe transition lens technology is amazing, unless they stay clear the entire photo shoot, they will shade your eyes and it will break the connection with your fiancé and block the wonderful windows to your soul!

Yes please bring your heels! If you have some drop-dead gorgeous heels that fit your outfit perfectly and you want engagement photos with them on, we say YES!

We would just caution that depending on the location you choose, you may be doing a lot of walking, so bringing some cute flats or more comfortable lower heels or wedges would be a great idea as well!