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Shelby Cobra 427 S/C With DriveWithDave - Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

For this Southern California luxury sports car photoshoot with Dave Miller from DrivewithDave, (the awesome guy in the driver's seat) we rolled out to the cliffs of Palos Verdes to check out this beautiful Shelby Cobra 427 S/C Replica owned by a Manhattan Beach resident named Rick. It was my birthday that day and that Wednesday was such a bright, beautiful, sunny day. 

I love filming exotic cars with Dave, but today my excitement was a bit higher thanks to the Cobra. I've always been partial to Ford Motors and especially their Mustangs. In fact, my very first car was a gigantic Ford Excursion (learning to drive for the first time on that car was rather stressful). With Shelby's history with Ford cars, as well as his own reputation, my anticipation for this shoot was quite high.

What made the experience all the more special to me was that Dave, after talking with the owner of the Cobra, convinced him to let me ride in the car from Manhattan Beach to Palos Verdes, taking the coastal route. I was so surprised, I was content just being around the Cobra and just being able to film it. Being able to sit in the passenger seat while it was on the road was something on a completely different level. I owe a HUGE thank you to Dave and DrivewithDave, it was truly a wonderful and unexpected gift and surprise.

Now to gush about the car. The car has such a fantastic blue and white racing striped paint job that reflected the sky and ocean spectacularly. The engine sounded deep, guttural and extremely powerful. However, I thought the engine would sound completely different than it actually did. The engine sound just felt "right". It wasn't too loud, but loud enough, Accelerating gave a roar but not an explosion of sound. Every ping, hum, roar, acceleration, deceleration and shift fit the car perfectly. All the sounds together made up the heartbeat of the car and it was nothing but honest and sincere to exactly what that Cobra is.

We parked the car near the PV cliffs and I began to photograph and film this beautiful car. We soon started to gather a following, people kept coming up to Dave and Rick and asked them every question they could throw at them. I smiled to myself while filming, it was awesome to see people get so excited about the car. It was also a sight to see the car expert Dave in action.

One of the coolest parts of this car was the huge signature by Shelby himself on the glove compartment. This car had so many neat extra touches no matter where you looked which made it a joy to film. I was constantly circling the car filming all the details I could. The Engine bay was immaculate and so well polished and clean. Watching everything with the car running was awesome! We are so excited to show you the upcoming video on the beautiful car with Dave driving it! 

If you like this post and want to learn more about exotic cars please head on over to DriveWithDave.com and check out Dave. He's an awesome guy, an absolute expert in the field of luxury cars and never fails to deliver on your car needs.

Stay tuned for our video on this beautiful car! We're diligently editing away. Thank you so much again Rick and Dave!

-Daniel Doty Photography