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Coleman Family Portraits - El Segundo, CA

The summer of 2016 has been a fantastic whirlwind. With portraits all over the Beach Cities, photoshoots in Downtown Los Angeles, baby showers, bridal showers, and car photoshoots, it was wonderful to welcome Fall with a family portrait session before a family BBQ.

The BBQ and family portrait session took place at the home of the Coleman's in El Segundo. I've known Melissa and Lauren since high school and captured their headshots previously.

They both approached us to capture the portraits of all the different families coming to this reunion BBQ. Melissa and Lauren explained that all the families get together during the summer to celebrate all of the birthdays, anniversaries and special moments during the year. Since they have such a large extended family, it would be non stop partying all year if every family hosted parties for each event. Coming from a large Italian family with 12 cousins, 3 sets of aunts and uncles, and too many second cousins and family friends to count myself, I completely understood and shared a laugh at how busy holidays get celebrating with everyone. 

It was an absolute joy to photograph so many different family portraits and to see the love they all had for each other. It was so great to meet everyone as each individual family arrived. They were all so friendly and were excited to have their portraits taken. 

Family portrait sessions are always a blast and in this crazy fast paced world, it's always wonderful to see families getting together and being genuinely happy to be around each other, for any and all occasions.

-Daniel of Daniel Doty Photography, a premiere Southern California Photographer.