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Dean's 1st Birthday - Gardena, CA

For this 1st Birthday photoshoot, we celebrated Dean's 1st Birthday! This is Dean's 3rd photoshoot with us, (baby shower, newborn and now his 1st birthday!) so he's an old pro at the photography modeling game. It was a wonderfully nautical first birthday party and Dean was a gracious host and greeted us, along with his mom Sondra and father Scott, when we first arrived. 

It was wonderful meeting even more of the Whitehead clan, and grabbing portraits of Dean with his grandparents and other guests at his party. Dean had a blast at his party and we captured some great photos of Dean having fun and being the life of the party.

Sondra (of The Lovely Line Shop) and Scott made a Shark Photo Booth and after Dean got over his shock of having his picture taken with the legendary actor Jaws, he gave us some awesome photos.

It was then time for the cake! Dean, enjoyed his Shark themed cake and certainly dug into it! I love cake smash photos and Dean had a great time destroying his cake! Thoroughly covered in cake, Dean changed into his bathing suit and went for a refreshing swim in a pool full of colorful balls to play with and even a water slide. He had an absolute blast! 

Dean, Sondra, Scott and all Dean's friends and family members were so welcoming and they made Dean's 1st Birthday so special. We are so thankful we got to photograph Dean's first birthday and we are looking forward to meeting up with Sondra, Dean and Scott again!